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THIRD event

The Big Kidnap Comedy Show. Part #2 – Comedy Show

Apr 4, 2019

Our 3rd Event was a part of a 2 part show, which finished with a full Comedy Show followed by a theme – Kidnap of the very best comedians in Malta and was held in The Network – gasto bar (St Julians)


Alvydas Opulskis

Hayk Ayv

Open Mic

Brandon Shaw

Sean Byrne

Julius Carter

Malcolm Galea 


Vytautas Motuzas


The Network

Time To Eat

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

About This Event

We always tend to kidnap comedians when we see someone worth the Stage. Did I say kidnap? I mean we ask nicely.
We strongly believe that you guys deserve the best stand up performers and since we are out of cash lately, we find our own ways how to force them to come on stage. Did I say force? I mean they simply do not have a choice.

Right, so if you have not seen your friend in a while, we highly suggest you to check at The Network – gastro bar on the 4th April at the Big Kidnap Comedy show as he might be one of those that will come out of the basement and this time, without a bag on his head!

P.s Keep it as a secret, but DJ WeToldUs is one of the unlucky ones that will be tied to his DJ controller for the whole night! Again, it is not that he has a choice!

We ain’t joking guys, so for the whole night we will be offering our own 42LiveComedy drink for only 5Eur + Happy Hour for signature drinks between 8pm – 9pm and if this is not enough – prizes from our sponsors, just because we can.

By the way, this whole show is Completely Free!

Looking forward to kidnapping you guys… I mean to seeing you guys there!

4th of April @ The Network – gastro bar (St Julians)

Link to the Event:

Article about the event in the media: 

Video from event:

Moments from the event can be found below 

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